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“California Campus Compact is an extraordinary force for inspiring higher education institutions across California to make civic engagement an integral part of campus life. California Campus Compact’s support and network of resources has played a key role in our ability to enrich the breadth and scope of the civic and community engagement opportunities we offer students in their educational programs and experiences.”

Richard R. Rush
California State University,
Channel Islands

“A key focus at De Anza College is the preparation of students to be active, involved citizens committed to transforming their communities. California Campus Compact has been instrumental in helping us achieve our vision to implement civic engagement in our curriculum and empower students to be agents of change in the social, economic and political realities of their lives, their communities and beyond.”

Brian Murphy
De Anza College

“California Campus Compact has provided invaluable support for service-learning and civic engagement at the University of San Diego and has played a crucial role in helping us build an engaged campus. We are deeply grateful for the extraordinary job that California Campus Compact continues to do in sustaining the momentum for civic engagement within higher education throughout California.”

Mary E. Lyons
University of San Diego

Since its founding in 1988, California Campus Compact has worked to build the collective commitment and capacity of colleges, universities and communities throughout California to advance civic and community engagement for a healthy, just and democratic society. Through innovative programs and initiatives, grant funding, training and technical assistance, professional development and powerful research studies and publications, California Campus Compact each year invests in and champions more than 500,000 students, faculty members, administrators and community members involved in diverse and ground-breaking activities that support and expand civic and community engagement throughout California.

As the only coalition that brings together the diverse collection of California colleges and universities together around a common commitment to higher education’s civic purposes, California Campus Compact is a powerful ally in making the case for civic engagement, public service and student involvement in campus-community partnerships – and for sustaining the momentum for higher education’s public service role in California.

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History of Campus Compact and California Campus Compact

California Campus Compact is part of the national Campus Compact network and is one of 35 state Compact offices nationwide.

The national office of Campus Compact was founded in 1985 by the presidents of Brown, Georgetown and Stanford Universities and the president of the Education Commission of the States. In the mid-1980s, the media portrayed college students as materialistic and self-absorbed, more interested in making money than in helping their neighbors. The founding presidents of Campus Compact believed this public image was false; they noted many students on their campuses who were involved in community service and believed many others would follow suit with the proper encouragement and supportive structures. Campus Compact began with the goal of attracting 100 member campuses. Today, there are more than 1,100 member campuses nationally. They are supported by 35 state Compact offices nationwide, including California Campus Compact.

In 1988, California Campus Compact became one of the first two state Campus Compact offices formed (Pennsylvania was the other) to provide member campuses with local, state and regional support. Charles Young, who was then Chancellor of the University of California, Los Angeles, and Donald Kennedy, who was then president of Stanford University, led the group that founded California Campus Compact. California Campus Compact has grown from 17 member campuses at its inception to close to 60 campuses today.

CACC was previously hosted at the University of California, Los Angeles, San Francisco State University and Sofia University.