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Students from California campuses were selected in January 2018 to participate in California Campus Compact's Community Engagement Student Fellowship (CESF) program, a 4-month initiative specifically designed to support student leaders advancing service, service-learning and community engagement at California Campus Compact member campuses throughout the state.


Angelina Carrillo is a fourth-year undergraduate student at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), majoring in Public Health. She is a trained peer health educator from the Student Health Advocate (SHA) program at UCSD, with a specialization in alcohol and drug harm reduction. For Angelina, being an SHA entails presenting workshops and facilitating educational games on topics such as drinking and driving, the effects of different drugs on the body, and even Prop 64. Angelina is also a member of the Resources and Relaxation Squad -- a group of students who specialize in promoting well-being resources while giving free 5-10 minute, stress-relieving, low intensity back rubs on our campus. In addition to her SHA role, Angelina is a volunteer with Social Advocates for Youth (SAY) San Diego, where she specializes in alcohol and drug prevention with younger students and community members. Because of her experiences with alcohol and drug education at UCSD, Angelina is hoping to pursue similar work after graduation.

Karyn Cornel is finishing her last two semesters of her Masters of Public Administration at CSU Chico. She additionally works full time as a staff member on the CSU, Chico campus. Prior to her time on campus, she served as the Lead Field Representative for Contra Costa County Supervisor Mary NejedyPiepho. Karyn strives to make the most of her time as a student and currently serves as the Vice President of the Council of Graduates. She also served as the Council of Graduates representative on the Student Academic Senate during the 2016-2017 school year. In her free time she enjoys gardening and traveling.

Alyssa Dawson Dawson is a third year undergraduate student at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) majoring in Public Health with a minor in African-American Studies. She is a trained peer health educator for the Student Health Advocate (SHA) Program where she serves as the Sexual Health Lead Coordinator. Within the program, Alyssa's duties include facilitating interactive sexual health workshops and participating in the execution of health campaigns on the UCSD campus that focus on improving student well-being through increasing access to information about sexual health, birth control, STI testing, and community resources. She plans to continue volunteering with the SHA Program during the fellowship period.

Geeta Deo is a 3rd year student at California State University Monterey Bay. She is a Cinematic Arts and Technology Major and an aspiring director. She is very passionate about trying to help the environment become healthier, making honest films that are impactful, and serving communities that have done a lot for her. She loves acquiring knowledge not only from textbooks, but from videos, visuals, and perspectives from other people. She believes that the color of peoples' skins should not divide them, but only empower them to know that despite differences we have many similarities.

Habiba Hopson , Occidental College.Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Habiba Hopson has moved around the country for schooling. At each location, she reached out to different types of organizations to volunteer for short and long-term periods. During her years at boarding school in Windsor, Connecticut, she volunteered as a tutor in mathematics and reading for second-graders at the Fred D. Wish School, a public school in Hartford, Connecticut. She also provided care for ten children under the age of three years old at the Windsor Discovery Center in Windsor, Connecticut. Habiba volunteered in both programs throughout her four years at boarding school. Coming to Occidental College in the Fall of 2016 as a first-year student, Habiba continued her exploration of connecting with the surrounding community. She participated in the 2017 LA Works Day where she restored the paint at a local high school. That same year, Habiba fertilized a community garden in Pasadena, California during Occidental's Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service. Now a sophomore, Habiba desires to take on a weekly volunteer program. In partnership with the Office of Community Engagement and the Black Student Alliance (BSA), Habiba will be creating a weekly volunteer program with Rosemary’s Children Services, a foster care and homeless organization for children and young adults under the age of 18. A group of eight to ten members of BSA will travel to Rosemary’s Children Services in Pasadena, and will cultivate a mentorship with young women. Habiba hopes that with devotion from the BSA members and herself, this program will provide a support system for the young women at Rosemary’s and continue as a collaborative plan in the future.

Su Kang is a native of South Korea and has resided in the state of California since 2000. She is currently a student at Stanbridge University in the Associates Degree in Nursing Program where she endeavors to be a part of the healthcare team. Su is also actively engaged in Stanbridge University Nursing Students Association as the President. Throughout her life, she longed to be of service to the community and those who are in need. Her passion and commitment to help others have led her to various volunteer opportunities. The learning processes and experiences provided her with a sense of identity, fulfillment, and determination. She constantly communicates passion, commitment, and excitement for leadership and education. Her eventual goal is to create and maintain a progressive environment that encourages an optimal standard of nursing practice while promoting both personal and professional growth.

Clara Keane is a First Year student from Michigan at Occidental College, where she hopes to major in Urban and Environmental Policy and minor in Education and/or Spanish. An AmeriCorps alumna, she is currently working on a project around the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program, along with volunteering with School on Wheels and Occidental's Community Literacy Center. Her interests include restorative justice, immigration reform, prison reform and education, and ensuring an equitable education for all.

Julia Linde is a fourth year student at Sonoma State University, majoring in Media Communication Studies. Previous to her years at Sonoma State, she attended Santa Rosa Junior College for three years and graduated with an A.A. in Communication Studies. As a transfer student, Julia has always aimed to get involved in her school and the community. Currently she is a video intern for the Center for Community Engagement at Sonoma State. In her position, she will create videos on multiple media forms to help highlight the importance of service in the community. She aspires to help the community and the university connect in order to benefit the students and the faculty involved.

Mae Maesawa s currently a student at Stanbridge University where she is enrolled in the Veterinary Technology program. She has always know her love for animals was something she wanted to pursue. She chose this path because she would like to provide animals with the care and love that they deserve. Mae currently works at an animal hospital as a Veterinary Assistant. She is responsible for helping veterinarians and technicians during procedures and helps to maintain the hospital’s enclosures. On days that she doesn’t have school or work, Mae volunteers with ICARE Dog Rescue where she gets to walk and play with dogs who have been rescued from abandonment, shelters, and horrible home situations. She aslso has two beautiful dogs of her own, Mo & Maxine!

Uma Nicole , Loyola Marymount Univeristy. Native Angeleno, Yoga and Mindfulness Instructor, and philanthropist: Uma is dedicated to improving society by creating opportunities that foster stronger cross-cultural and inter-generational connections. She is a certified master gardener involved with food insecurity issues in L.A. County and formed a corporation in her undergraduate career to address food and cultural deserts in Compton and Watts area. As one of the 2018 CSA California Campus Compact Community Engagement Student Fellows, Uma will work to create greater understanding among low-income populations about composting and the benefits of practices which promote environmental responsibility. Social justice is a cornerstone of Uma’s life and spiritual practice: She advocates for sustainable horticultural practices, mindfulness workshops, and yoga in all communities regardless of race, class, gender, and ability status. Uma is a volunteer academic instructor for those who are trying to rebuild their lives while incarcerated in the California prison system. She has also taught Yoga and Mindfulness in East Africa, corporate settings, at-risk communities of adults and school-aged youth and the California Correctional system. She is currently pursuing her M.A. in Bioethics at Loyola Marymount University where she researches the intersectionality of neuroethics and access to care for vulnerable populations.

Virginia Nguyen is a second year graduate student pursuing a masters' degree in occupational therapy at Stanbridge University. She was born and raised in San Bernardino where her passion for giving back to her community stems. During her undergraduate career at California State University, San Marcos, Virginia spent time as a clinical care extender at Palomar Hospital where her favorite departments included labor and delivery and the emergency department. She is currently a guest teacher for the San Bernardino City Unified School District where she works with the early development program. Her primary goal in life is to make a positive impact in the lives of children as she feels the joy and passion when working with them.

Chantal Perrenoud is currently a student in the Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) program at Stanbridge University in Irvine. She was born and raised in West Covina, CA where her parents have always stressed the importance of education and have passed along that sense of priority to her. Chantal attended California State University, Long Beach and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Kinesiology. During her time at CSULB, she volunteered at an outpatient and an inpatient physical therapy clinic to see firsthand what her future career would be like and to confirm her passion for it. Outside of school Chantal works as a physical therapist aide at a skilled nursing facility. Much of her family is involved in the field of health care and she has been exposed to it since she was a child. Chantal hopes to one day be an exceptional PTA and have a hand in making major advancements in the field of physical therapy.

Alyssa Reece is a sophomore graphic design major at Loyola Marymount University from Long Beach, California. She is a resident advisor on campus and is actively involved in residence hall life. Growing up in southern California, Alyssa has always been surrounded by a diverse community of races, ethnicities, sexualities, and socio-economic status. This is partially why Alyssa has grown up with such a passion for individuality because she believes that it is the things that make people unique that brings them together. Alyssa is involved in a service organization on campus, called Gryphon Circle, which has an emphasis on education. Gryphon Circle explores the intersectionalities of issues within education, mainly focusing on the connection of service and social justice. Alyssa is excited to explore the area of education relating to drug abuse and the way that it impacts addicts and people around them through being a Community Engagement Student Fellow representing the organization, Not One More at LMU.

Amy Rhoades is a senior majoring in Social Work at CSU Chico. Amy does her social work internship at 6th Street Center for Youth and also works in a Group Home helping to make a difference in the lives of at-risk children that enter the program. Amy is the club president of the Student Association of Social Work and is working to make the club more active in the community of Chico. In her free time, she likes to cycle long distances and is hoping to ride a half century in April for Wildflower.

Dominick Sullivan originates from Carlsbad, California, a beach city in San Diego County. He is currently a first-year student with sophomore status at the University of Redlands, and plans to pursue studies in Chemistry and Public Policy. After college, he hopes to make an impact on the world by working in environmental law or administration. Dominick decided to become a Jasper’s Corner tutor to provide to his community in the most honorable way he could think of: to mentor others so that he may impart his knowledge and experience on those who need it most. Through his involvement in the program, Dominick looks forward to instilling academic confidence and independence in his tutees so that they learn to appreciate the value of education. He sees a bright future for many of the students he interacts with! In his free time, Dominick also enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, sightseeing, and camping. Any of those activities are made exponentially more enjoyable in the company of good friends and good food.

Carly Vessels is an aspiring Speech and Language Pathologist with an interest in teaching as well. She has always had a passion for helping and teaching others so volunteering with children seemed like a perfect fit while deciding how to get involved around the Redlands community. She is a second year student at the University of Redlands also minoring in Psychology to gain a more in depth understand of how humans work and how to better teach them one day. She enjoys traveling and exploring new people and environments when she’s not engaging in her own community.