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Students from these California campuses were selected in January 2016 to participate in California Campus Compact's Community Engagement Student Fellowship (CESF) program, a 4-month initiative specifically designed to support student leaders advancing service, service-learning and community engagement at California Campus Compact member campuses throughout the state.

Loyola Marymount University: This activity focuses on the community engagement of two student leaders to address the need for managing the community-based learning experience for courses in Loyola Marymount University’s Business College. The California Campus Compact Community Engagement Student Fellowship participants will share responsibility for creating meaningful learning experiences for students serving two organizations with historically African American, and a growing Latino/a population, the Watts/Willowbrook Boys and Girls Club and Verbum Dei High School, in the community of Watts. This activity will impact the campus by cultivating an engaged learning opportunity for Business College students, introducing an innovation in the curriculum of that college, and growing the number of courses in the discipline that offer community-based learning content relevant to non-profit businesses.

Occidental College: The Partnership for Community Engagement at Occidental College will engage two student fellows who will enact the community engagement mission of the college through two projects: 1.The student fellow will help support and sustain the implementation process of a newly developed program with a community partner or support the development of a project for a community based learning course and 2. The student fellow will focus their project on developing a new program that works with existing student organizations and community partners.

Stanbridge College: Stanbridge College will partner with the Life College program to engage two Student Fellows in working with young adults with intellectual disabilities. Life College is a non-profit organization that provides an alternative college experience to young adults with Autism, brain injuries, and other disabilities. Since Life College students vary widely in their needs, individual attention is key to each student’s success. The Student Fellows will learn to prepare and organize educational material to present to these clients. They will collaborate with disabled individuals to create benchmarks for independence, and modify tasks to make goals more achievable.

University of Redlands: University of Redlands students are passionate about serving our neighborhood and community and they do it in several ways. One of the University’s largest programs is providing homework assistance to local children at no cost to their families. Homework help and tutoring services are in high demand in our area and many families are unable to afford academic assistance, and University students are serving to answer those needs. We have an on-campus location for free homework assistance, and 3 an off-campus locations at the Boys and Girls Club of Redlands, First Baptist Church and the Redlands Community Center allowing our program to help more children in our community.