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Students from these California campuses were selected in January 2017 to participate in California Campus Compact's Community Engagement Student Fellowship (CESF) program, a 4-month initiative specifically designed to support student leaders advancing service, service-learning and community engagement at California Campus Compact member campuses throughout the state.

California State University, Fresno: The Community Engagement Student Fellow will reflect on her community engagement and service-learning experience in order to prepare a keynote presentation for the 2017 Continuums of Service conference. She will present alongside a panel of students from other universities on their experiences of commitment, action, and impact in their service work. In addition, she will provide support at the conference, in particular with a post-conference event for students interested in civic engagement.

Loyola Marymount University: This activity focuses on the community engagement of two student leaders to support Center for Service and Action engagement with faculty members in the Art and Art History Department and the Business Department. Though in two different disciplines, each course relates to an aspect of business. Design Entrepreneurship serves marginalized segments of society through empathetic and innovative design solutions. Project Management give students exposure to “real world” non-profit businesses with the hope of developing an appreciation for some of the noteworthy inherent challenges beyond the safe confines of academia. The fellows will address critical needs in both courses. In the Design Entrepreneurship course, students will work with immigrant Latino families to discern and choose a relevant social issue, and investigate how design can bring a transformative impact to the public. The Project Management course prepares students to practice concepts in African-led non-profits and hone their capability to manage projects from initiation, to planning, control and closeout. The fellow will enhance student learning by managing all aspects of the engagement experience from placement, to tracking hours, to evaluation. These activities will impact the campus by helping students to achieve learning outcomes related to social entrepreneurship.

Occidental College: The Office of Community Engagement at Occidental College will engage two Student Fellows who will enact the community engagement mission of the college through two projects: 1. Continuing development of a California statewide consortium to expand higher education in prisons and 2. A project that will collaborate with a student from the Emerging Leaders Program.

Pitzer College: The Pitzer College Community Engagement Center will support two Community Engagement Student Fellowships for the spring 2017 semester to accomplish two very specific projects: 1) to complete a video project outlining the social responsibility partnerships, services, opportunities, and resources offered through our center to students, faculty, staff, and community partners; and 2) to assist with the design, implementation, and evaluation of an equity audit of employee benefits and services at Pitzer College to examine the rates at which employees access benefits in order to address disparities or other inequities in employment.

San Jose State University: Two CESF fellows will serve CCLL in leading SJSU’s public campaign to address the crisis of homelessness, to strengthen the “COOP” leadership team, to collaborate with members of the “Coalition” to educate campus and community, and to advocate and mobilize for relocating homeless into “transitional homeless villages.” This action builds on the initiative first semester which created “COOP” to coordinate efforts on and off campus and put forth proposals for sheltering the un-housed. COOP extends its campaign to student homelessness and hunger as well. CESFs interact with University Administration and with City, County, and community agents to shelter the homeless.

UC San Diego: The UC San Diego Student Health Advocates are volunteer peer health educators that work to enhance the personal health of students and the collective health and well-being of the campus community through educational workshops, events, campaigns, and programs. These peer educators address topics such as nutrition, sexual health, stress, alcohol, physical activity, and more. Specific activities include: Educating other students about health issues and concerns through educational outreach programs on campus and in the community; Making presentations to students and the community about health issues; Participating in training fellow students; Attending meetings and workshops where information and ideas are exchanged; Improving communication, presentation and facilitation skills; Learning to be a confident leader among their peers.

UC Merced: : Civics Conversation is a new program that works with high school students to develop a civics program. The program will be discussion based, focused on current events, and delve into the constitutional and legal basis for topical events. The student is crafting lesson plans for the program, and will work with teachers to create pertinent discussion topics. Civic education doesn’t have to be convoluted or pedantic, and the Student leader hopes the program will inspire students to become involved and voice their opinions. Ultimately, the hope is to engage local officials in helping spur civic knowledge, conversation and interest.

University of Redlands: : University of Redlands students are passionate about serving our neighborhood and community and they do it in several ways. One of the University’s largest programs is providing homework assistance to local children at no cost to their families. Homework help and tutoring services are in high demand in our area and many families are unable to afford academic assistance, and University students are serving to answer those needs. We have an on-campus location for free homework assistance, and 3 an off-campus locations at the Boys and Girls Club of Redlands, First Baptist Church and the Redlands Community Center allowing our program to help more children in our community.

*Stanbridge College: Stanbridge College successfully secured donations to fund their students to serve as CESF Fellows.

Whitney Boetel, Master of Science in Occupational Therapy Student, is completing her fellowship with WAVES Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to aiding wounded American combat veterans with spinal cord injuries, PTSD, amputations, and other impairments, by providing a therapeutic scuba diving experience. Whitney will work closely with Stanbridge faculty to develop a supplemental Occupational Therapy lesson plan to accompany the WAVES diving curriculum, and help WAVES expand its scope to allow more veterans access to the program.

Rielle Castillo, Associate of Science in Nursing (RN), is completing her fellowship at Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center, helping to implement GetWell Network, a new interactive program designed to improve operational outcomes and patient satisfaction. GetWell Network allows patients to utilize the televisions in their rooms to communicate with hospital staff, view educational content customized for them by their nurse, and access tools to become a more active participant in their health. Rielle will be trained as a “Super-User” on the system, helping to train other nurses on the program and assist the hospital with the transition.

Dawn Crawford, Vocational Nursing Student, : will be volunteering with Jamboree Housing Foundation, an organization providing affordable housing to low-income families, older adults, and individuals with disabilities. With guidance from Stanbridge nursing faculty, Dawn will develop a nutrition education presentation, which she will deliver to the families residing at several Jamboree Housing Foundation communities in Orange County.

Paige Dillman, Associate of Science in Nursing (RN) Student, will complete her volunteer service with Saddleback Memorial Medical Center, assisting hospital staff in achieving Magnet status through the American Nurses’ Credentialing Center. She will work with the professional development team to evaluate and enhance employee retention, an important part of the Magnet criteria. This fellowship will provide much needed support to hospital staff, and expose the student to a variety of units and job functions, providing a unique opportunity that will be extremely beneficial to her portfolio as a future nurse.

Juliene Espinoza –Occupational Therapy Assistant Student, will complete her Community Engagement Student Fellowship with Maxum Therapy, an outpatient clinic offering Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy to individuals with a variety of diagnoses. Juliene will volunteer alongside therapists in all three of these disciplines in the pediatric unit as they provide services. She will also provide support to the therapy staff at Maxum by developing handouts, information packets, and evaluations that will assist families in participating in their child’s therapy.

Richard Gavino, Physical Therapist Assistant Student, will conduct research on strategies for providing therapy to patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. He will use his findings to develop an evidence-based in-service presentation and present it to rehabilitation staff at Broadway by the Sea, a skilled nursing facility in Long Beach, CA.

Erica Pueblos, Master of Science in Occupational Therapy Student, is serving her fellowship with High Hopes Head Injury Program, a unique non-profit organization providing physical and cognitive rehabilitation for individuals recovering from traumatic brain injury. High Hopes offers a highly effective day treatment program which includes a range of rehabilitation activities including physical conditioning classes, cognitive and social therapies, independent living classes, occupational and speech therapy. Erica is volunteering alongside the occupational therapy staff at High Hopes to assist with a variety of these activities, allowing her to gain valuable experience that will benefit her studies and future career as an Occupational Therapist.

Cedar Yardumian, Associate of Science in Veterinary Technology Student, is completing her fellowship with the Orange County Zoo and the Serrano Animal & Bird Hospital. She is assisting the veterinary team in researching and preparing care sheets for exotic pets such as ferrets, prairie dogs, hedgehogs, and rabbits, providing much-needed education to pet owners to ensure proper care and prevent health issues. She is conducting research as well as accompanying veterinary staff for behind-the-scenes observation at Serrano Animal Hospital and the Orange County Zoo.