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Students from these California campuses were selected in January 2018 to participate in California Campus Compact's Community Engagement Student Fellowship (CESF) program, a 4-month initiative specifically designed to support student leaders advancing service, service-learning and community engagement at California Campus Compact member campuses throughout the state.

CSU Chico: California State University, Chico’s community-engaged student fellows will be a unique partnership between a Masters in Public Administration and a bachelors in Social Work student who seek to improve the college-going culture among rural youth in northern California. Their goal is to bring Town Hall 2.0 to Salisbury Continuation High School in Red Bluff. Town Hall is a form of public sphere pedagogy which emphasizes high-impact practices such as collaboration, research, and community-based learning. Karyn Cornell and Amy Rhoades will bring this program to the rural north state with the hopes that it will be a model for the future.

CSU Monterey Bay: Two fellows will assist the Service Learning Institute to share the tools of civic engagement and social change with: 1) local high school students; 2) the campus and regional community through digital stories. In the first project, the Fellow will create and facilitate a workshop series for high school students on leadership in civic engagement. The high school students will identify community issues, learn about social action and social protest, and develop projects to improve their communities. In the second project, the Fellow will create digital stories that will capture the impact of social justice oriented service learning.

Loyola Marymount University: LMU will have two community engagement student fellows engage in direct service to increase drug abuse awareness and to create a service program to reduce food waste. The value added to the campus will be support for student leaders advancing service in the fields of drug abuse education and food waste reduction. The community impact will be increased student awareness about the dangers of drug abuse and student empowerment to reduce the number of young people suffering from addiction. The community impact will also be greater understanding among low-income populations about composting and the benefits of practices which promote environmental sustainability.

Occidental College: The Office of Community Engagement at Occidental College will engage two student fellowswho will enact the community engagement mission of the college through two projects: 1.A student fellow will complete work that has taken place over a year and a half to helpsupport the Think Tank at the California Rehabilitation Center and 2. The student fellowwill support an ongoing program through the Office of Community Engagement or theCenter for Community Based Learning.

Sonoma State University: The Student Fellow will be an English or Communication Studies major serving as a video or written blogger. S/he will create and edit videos or blog posts in support of the CCE’s efforts; create posts about events, community organizations and opportunities, and other community engagement topics; work closely with CCE student assistants, especially those working on updating our social media accounts and the website; and watch the work of our counterparts and community partners for ideas.

UC San Diego: The UC San Diego Student Health Advocates are volunteer peer health educators that work to enhance the personal health of students and the collective health and well-being of the campus community through educational workshops, events, campaigns, and programs. These peer educators address topics such as nutrition, sexual health, stress, alcohol, physical activity, and more. Specific activities include: Educating other students about health issues and concerns through educational outreach programs on campus and in the community; Making presentations to students and the community about health issues; Participating in training fellow students; Attending meetings and workshops where information and ideas are exchanged; Improving communication, presentation and facilitation skills; Learning to be a confident leader among their peers.

University of Redlands: University of Redlands students are passionate about serving our neighborhood and community and they do it in several ways. One of the University’s largest programs is providing homework assistance to local children at no cost to their families through Jasper’s Corner Home Club. Homework help and tutoring services are in high demand in our area and many families are unable to afford academic assistance, and University students are serving to answer those needs. We have an on-campus location for free homework assistance, and 2 off-campus locations at the First Baptist Church and the Redlands Community Center allowing our program to help more children in our community.

*Stanbridge College: Stanbridge College successfully secured donations to fund their students to serve as CESF Fellows.

Virginia Nguyen, Master of Science in Occupational Therapy Student will be working at The Courtyard, Santa Ana, developing a questionnaire for the resident’s needs assessment during their check-in and engage residents in The Courtyard’s assistance programs.

Mae Maesawa, Veterinary Technology Student will be working withWild Wonders, shadowing zookeepers, creating new enrichments for zoo animals, and developing educational binders, curriculum, and husbandry sheets.

Chantal Perrenoud, Physical Therapist Assistant Student will be working with the Blind Children’s Learning Center, coordinating and conducting a Motor Group program for the center’s Onsite Preschool and In-Home Programs on campus. This will take the place of adaptive PE as the center is currently unable to provide a PE program.

Su Kang, Associate Degree in Nursing Student will be working with Bridges at Kraemer Place, Mercy House, developing creative ideas to engage residents in medical screenings at this shelter. Educating residents on preventing contagious diseases.