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Students from these California campuses were selected in January 2015 to participate in California Campus Compact's Community Engagement Student Fellowship (CESF) program, a 4-month initiative specifically designed to support student leaders advancing service, service-learning and community engagement at California Campus Compact member campuses throughout the state.

California State University, Dominguez Hills: Native Americans have the greatest health disparities and receive the least amount of help from government health services. The mortality rate for Natives suffering from Diabetes mellitus is three times the national average for all ethnicities. One of the most effective ways to combat diabetes is induce lifestyle changes. We propose that the students will research and consolidate information on diabetes and healthy life styles including diet and exercise to disseminate and educate Native Americans through culturally relevant workshops and handout materials to agencies serving Native Americans as well as online resources targeting the Native population.

California State University, Fresno: Two students will serve as California Campus Compact-Community Engagement Student Fellows in Fresno State’s Jan & Bud Richter Center for Community Engagement and Service-Learning. One Fellow will implement the “Stories of Service” campaign, which seeks to lend voice and context to the university’s various service activities. The second fellow will work with Richter Center Student Leaders to promote service opportunities and develop a social media based reflection project. Collectively, the Fellows will magnify the voices of those involved in campus service activities (students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community partners) and demonstrate the value of such activities in the college experience.

Loyola Marymount University: This activity focuses on the community engagement of two student leaders who will provide direct service in Watts and South Los Angeles and develop leadership skills through program support for Loyola Marymount University’s Center for Service and Action. Their work will build upon the lessons learned in previous collaborations with faculty in Business Administration and Art/Art History. The value added to the campus will be stronger relationships between Academic Affairs and Student Affairs, while the community impact will be increased access by nonprofits to the University’s human and intellectual resources. Finally, student impact will be demonstrated by leadership skill development.

Occidental College: The Office of Community Engagement at Occidental College will engage two Student Fellows who will enact the community engagement mission of the college through two projects which will be determined by the students.

Pitzer College: The Pitzer College Community Engagement Center will support two Community Engagement Student Fellowships for the spring 2017 semester to accomplish two very specific projects: 1) to complete a video project outlining the social responsibility partnerships, services, opportunities, and resources offered through our center to students, faculty, staff, and community partners; and 2) to assist with the design, implementation, and evaluation of an equity audit of employee benefits and services at Pitzer College to examine the rates at which employees access benefits in order to address disparities or other inequities in employment.

Sonoma State University: The SSU CAAC CE Student Fellow will be an English major doing a project as a blogger. S/he will create blog posts in support of the CCE’s efforts; create blog posts about events, community organizations and opportunities, and other community engagement topics; work closely with CCE student assistants, especially those working on updating our social media accounts and the website; and watch the work of our counterparts and community partners for ideas.

Stanford University: The Community Engagement Fellow will collaborate with The Ravenswood Family Health Center in East Palo Alto, CA to help improve its Women’s Health Navigation Program, a resource that provides education and training about family planning, cancer screenings, and other women’s health issues to low-income, ethnically diverse patients.

UC San Diego: The UC San Diego Student Health Advocates are volunteer peer health educators that work to enhance the personal health of students and the collective health and well-being of the campus community through educational workshops, events, campaigns, and programs. These peer educators address topics such as nutrition, sexual health, stress, alcohol, physical activity, and more. Specific activities include: Educating other students about health issues and concerns through educational outreach programs on campus and in the community; Making presentations to students and the community about health issues; Participating in training fellow students; Attending meetings and workshops where information and ideas are exchanged; Improving communication, presentation and facilitation skills; Learning to be a confident leader among their peers.

University of Redlands: University of Redlands students are passionate about serving our neighborhood and community and they do it in several ways. One of the University’s largest programs is providing homework assistance to local children at no cost to their families. Homework help and tutoring services are in high demand in our area and many families are unable to afford academic assistance, and University students are serving to answer those needs. We have an on-campus location for free homework assistance, and 3 an off-campus locations at the Boys and Girls Club of Redlands, First Baptist Church and the Redlands Community Center allowing our program to help more children in our community.

*Stanbridge College: Stanbridge College successfully secured donations to fund their students to serve as CESF Fellows.

Karl Andres, Physical Therapy Assistant Student, is completing his fellowship with United Cerebral Palsy of Orange County (UCP) at two events for disabled children and teens, the UCP Bike Camp and America Ninja Warrior recreation classes. UCP of Orange County offers support programs for children with disabilities and their families to close developmental gaps and empower families to care for their child’s special needs.Working with the Physical Therapist Assistant Faculty Advisor, Karl researcheddeveloped a supplemental curriculum with physical therapy concepts which he presented to volunteers at the UCP Bike Camp Volunteer Training. He also assisted the UCP staff with Ninja Warrior recreation classes throughout the month of October by helping the team with planning, coordinating and directly working with the students during the classes.

Anneke Van Ommering, Master of Science Occupational Therapy Student, worked with Life Rolls On to conduct a needs assessment with a team of fellow graduate students. Founded by world champion quadriplegic surfer Jesse Billauer, Life Rolls On is dedicated to improving the lives of young people with physical disabilities through adaptive surfing and skating events. Anneke and her team of Stanbridge graduate students conducted interviews and observations at Life Rolls On adaptive surfing events to determine opportunitiesto incorporate occupational therapy concepts to enhance future events for the participants and volunteers. Through her research, Anneke developed an activity proposal to present to the Life Rolls On staff for implementation in the 2018 season.

Miriam Galindo, Associate of Science in Nursing Student, is completing her fellowship with La Palma Intercommunity Hospital to improve patient experiences related to discharge and transition of care. Miriam is working directly with the Regional Manager of Patient Experience to compile feedback from nurses and patients in order to develop a pilot initiative to present to the Registered Nurse leadership at La Palma. Miriam will assist with the introduction of the pilot program and analyzing the results at launch.

Terence Abram, Occupational Therapy Assistant Student, is completing his fellowship at Ryan’s Reach, a residence and respite care facility for individuals with traumatic brain injuries. Alongside a Stanbridge University Occupational Therapy Faculty Advisor, Terence conducted a needs assessment through observation, interviews, interest checklists, and other occupational therapy evaluation methods in order to determine what occupational therapy interventions would be the most beneficial to residents and the facility. Terence will use his research to develop and implement a customizable calendar of group activities, as well as an individualized activity plan for each of the four residents.

Jenny Chhang, Vocational Nursing Student, will be completing her fellowship with College Medical Center, developing and implementing a campaign to improve patient satisfaction. Jenny will work with hospital staff to determine noisy areas on the hospital and establish a policy to reduce disruption to patients caused by noise. This“Shhh… Campaign”will focus on improving patient comfort byminimizing unwanted noise and establishing quiet times free from physician visits, testing and patient movement.

Taylor Venable, Veterinary Technology Student, is completing her fellowship with the Orange County Zoo, where she is shadowing a zookeeper to learn about and assist with care for a group of animals. She will thendevelop an enrichment form for the staff and future student volunteers to use to evaluate the efficacy of current enrichment activities. Taylor will also research and implement an enrichment activity for a specific animalwhich she will then evaluate while utilizing the new enrichment form.

Margaret Han, Veterinary Technology Student&Shelby Patrick, Veterinary Technology Student, will complete their fellowships with Project Wildsong, an organization dedicated to educating the public and raising awareness about wildlife conservation through outreach with animal ambassadors. Both students will assist staff with the care and training of high-content wolf dog puppies, and assist with animal handling of wolf-dog hybrids throughout various events around Southern California. Both students will assist with interactive learning presentations, husbandry, and socialization of ambassador animals.

Dave Gold, Veterinary Technology Student, is completing his fellowship withHemopet, a greyhound rescue, canine, blood bank, and holistic pet clinic. Dave is assisting Hemopet staff with evaluating and updating the Standard Operating Procedures at the facility through on-site observation, research and interviews with staff members.

Cassandra Jasso, Occupational Therapy Assistant Student, is volunteering with therapy staff at Casa ColinaHospital and Rehabilitation Center to develop functional task bins for use in future occupational therapy interventions. Her project includes identifying functional tasks for clients, collecting and purchasing necessary supplies and equipment, and assembling bins to be utilized by therapy staff.

Sara Mejia, Associate Degree in Nursing Student, will volunteer with the Wound Care Taskforce at Promise Hospital of East Los Angeles to assist with wound care related tasks, focusing primarily on maggot therapy at the Hospital.